Earn up to €700!!

Refer a short term rental property

Referral program:

Do you know anyone that would like assistance in managing their short-term rental, or someone that would like to turn their property into one? Introduce them to Ezoria and earn up to €700 in cash for every successful referral. And to make things better, your friend’s first booking will be managed free of charge!

You don’t need to be one of our clients to refer a new host, so even if you don’t run a short-term rental yourself, you can still earn income through Ezoria’s referral programme.


Your payout will be based on the size of the property referred, below is the breakdown:

2 Bed

3 Bed

4 Bed

5 Bed

1st booking





For every Successful Referral of an Eligible Property, you will receive your first payment payable on the date of the first check-in managed by Ezoria and the rest after 75 nights of successful hosting.

The host you refer to us will receive their first booking free of charge (max €100).

Terms & Conditions